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Mission & Core Values

Our Mission is to embrace a diverse student body and inspire student success through an innovative curriculum, the cultivation of environmental stewardship, and by holding students, parents, and staff accountable for results. Learn More

Our History

The earliest history of the school dates back to Civil War Brigadier General Paul Ambrose Oliver, whose heirs donated the land for the original Oliver School in Bear Creek Township. More than seventy years later, another act of kindness by Mrs. Gail Popple, allowed the tradition of a quality, community-centered public education to continue, with new life being infused into the original school building with the creation of Bear Creek Community Charter School. Learn More

Why Bear Creek?

Parents choose to enroll their children at Bear Creek Community Charter School for a variety of reasons. What is most unique is the mere existence of Bear Creek Community Charter School as a public school, providing parents with a real choice in deciding what is best for their child's education. Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Bear Creek Community Charter School. Learn More

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the overall governing body of the Bear Creek Community Charter School who is responsible for the successful operation of the school in alignment with the charter granted by the Wilkes-Barre Area School Board. Learn More


Bear Creek Community Charter School is conveniently located along State Route 115 in Bear Creek Township, between the interchanges to Interstate 81 and the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, just south of the City of Wilkes-Barre. Learn More

School Performance

Accountability plays a critical role in the operation of Bear Creek Community Charter School. We rely upon quantifiable data to make decisions that influence our success, including standardized testing results, parent satisfaction, and more. Learn More


Bear Creek Community Charter School accepts applications for employment on a continual basis, and will consider these applications when vacancies arise. Applications will be maintained for a period of one year. Learn More


Bear Creek Community Charter School will obtain competitive bids for products and services where such bids are required by law or where such bids may be believed to bring about a cost savings to the charter school. Learn More

Open Records

The Open Records Policy governs all requests made for access to the public records of Bear Creek Community Charter School. Learn More

High School

With the success of Luzerne County’s first and only public charter school, the demand for options beyond 8th grade is evident among parents. Administrators and trustees are continually asked about the possibility of extending the school’s programming through high school. A charter revision to expand grade levels is a major undertaking, with a considerable investment in time and resources, which would detract from the School’s short-term goals and operations. A charter revision to pursue expanding into high school is not part of Bear Creek Community Charter School’s current (5-10 year) strategic plan. Learn More

Charter School Funding

Do public charter schools take money away from traditional public schools? Learn More


Bear Creek Community Charter School is the proud recipient of a 2021 federal grant under the Expanding Opportunities Through Quality Charter School Programs Grant. Learn More

It's All About The Children: Meet Precious from Bear Creek Community Charter School.

Grand opening of the Ten Mile Run campus.

Celebrating the grand opening.

Ribbon cutting ceremony 2015.

Ariel view of Bear Creek Community Charter School at Ten Mile Run campus.