Wednesday, November 21, 2018

New Students

Parents of new students interesting in enrolling at Bear Creek Community Charter School will be given the opportunity to participate in an annual Pre-Enrollment Process. The date pre-enrollment begins and ends will be determined by the school administration each year and will be posted in the school office as well as on the school's web site before January 1. Parents of students interested in enrolling in the school must complete and return an accurate Pre-Enrollment Form to the School’s Main Office by the deadline provided by the school.

As permitted by the Pennsylvania Charter School Laws, Bear Creek Community Charter School will give preference in enrollment to the following categories of students, in the following order:

  1. Returning students (re-enrollment of existing students by posted deadline);
  2. Children of parents who actively participated in the development (prior to the school receiving its charter) of the charter school (also known as Founder's List);
  3. 3. Siblings of a currently enrolled student. For the purpose of this policy, a sibling is defined as a child who is related to an existing student by blood or adoption and who share a legal tie to at least one common parent;
  4. Holdover Students from the prior school year;
  5. Students residing in the Community in which the charter school is located. For the purposes of this policy, Community is defined as Bear Creek Township and Bear Creek Village Borough;
  6. Students residing in the school district in which the charter is located (Wilkes-Barre Area School District);
  7. Students residing outside the school district in which the charter school is located (all other school districts within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania).

In the event the number of applicants for any given grade or section exceeds the number of enrollment slots (seats) available, the school will accept students by a random selection process. The school will grant enrollment preference according to the aforementioned criteria. A public lottery will be held, as necessary, to determine enrollment. The date, time and location of the public lottery will be posted at the school, on the school's web site, and in a newspaper of general circulation at least one week prior to the lottery being held. A neutral party will conduct the lottery on behalf of the school. The school will notify parents whose pre-enrollment application were successful within 30 days of the lottery. Parents that do not receive such notice should contact the school to determine their application status (wait list). The lottery is open to the public.

After all available enrollment slots (seats) are filled, wait lists will be created and maintained for each grade. The initial wait list will be created randomly as part of the public lottery. Following the lottery, additional students will be added to the wait lists on a first come/first served basis. When a slot becomes available in a grade, multiple attempts will be made to contact the parents of the first student on the wait list. Parents will be given twenty four hours to accept the position. Acceptance is determined by the parent completing and hand delivering an accurate Enrollment Form to the school office within twenty-four (24) hours of being notified by the school. If the enrollment slot is declined, if the school is unable to make contact, no response is received, or an accurate Enrollment Form is not hand delivered to the school office within twenty-four hours of being notified, the enrollment slot will be forfeited and the next student on the wait list will be contacted. Multiple attempts will be made to contact prospective parents before moving on to the next student on the wait list. Once all vacant enrollment slots for each particular grade and section are filled, enrollment will be closed.

Bear Creek Community Charter School is an equal opportunity educational institution.