Saturday, July 13, 2024

Mission & Core Values

Our Mission is to embrace a diverse student body and inspire student success through an innovative curriculum, the cultivation of environmental stewardship, and by holding students, parents, and staff accountable for results.

The following core values guide the mission of Bear Creek Community Charter School:

  1. Setting high expectations for academic achievement will lead students to be meaningful contributors to society;
  2. We have an obligation to expose children to content-rich materials and programs derived from research-based teaching methods;
  3. Engaging children at all levels will inspire them to rise to academic challenges and develop a life-long enthusiasm for learning;
  4. Quality teachers are critical to student achievement;
  5. Staff will be provided the resources necessary to support their success and be held accountable for delivering measurable results;
  6. Education is powerful when students, families, school, and the community are involved;
  7. Children must be taught their inherent responsibility to respect the environment and will encourage others to do the same;
  8. Children will be challenged to develop leadership skills, build self-esteem and exhibit exemplary character;
  9. A safe and nurturing environment is essential to student achievement.
  10. Complacency is not acceptable. We must create and embrace a culture of continuous improvement for the benefit of our students.