Friday, September 20, 2019

School Performance

Beginning in 2017, the Pennsylvania Department of Education will utilize the Future Ready PA Index as the one-stop location for comprehensive information about school success, and will use a dashboard model to highlight how schools are performing and making progress on multiple indicators.

The proposed dashboard approach to school reporting:

  • Increases emphasis on student growth measures, which incentivizes a focus on all learners and is less sensitive to demographic variables.

  • Measures English language acquisition among English Language Learner students, not simply performance on a test of grade level English Language Arts standards.

  • Incentivizes career awareness instruction beginning at the elementary level.

  • Provides indicators of student success after graduation.

  • Increases the emphasis on student access to course offerings such as AP, IB, college credit, and CTE programs of study.

  • Allows Local Education Agencies to include locally-selected reading assessments (Grade 3) and math assessments (Grade 7) as additional snapshots of student progress.

  • Incentivizes schools to offer career pathways that culminate with high value, industry recognized credentials.

Bear Creek Community Charter School utilizes the Future Ready PA Index as one measurement of operational performance, but also reviews class performance on the annual Pennsylvania System of School Assessment, undertakes an annual survey of parents, and randomly surveys Bear Creek Community Charter School graduates to solicit important feedback that allow us to determine our overall success, among others.

A variety of data files, performance comparisons, and other relevant resources are available on as links and downloads.

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