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Academic Standards

Bear Creek Community Charter School's curriculum is aligned to the Pennsylvania Academic Standards. Pennsylvania Academic Standards describe what students should know and be able to do; they increase in complexity and sophistication as student's progress through school. Learn More


Curriculum summaries outline the expected learning outcome of each grade level's curriculum. Learn More


In most subject areas, students receive letter grades on their report cards, along with numbers indicating appropriate comments. Report Cards are handed out four times throghout the school year. Learn More

Honor Roll

Bear Creek Community Charter School releases student honor roll following the end of each quarter. Students who achieve an overall grade point average of 86% and above are eligible for the honor roll. Learn More

Title I Services

Title I provides reading and/or math assistance for students who must accelerate their progress to perform at or near grade level. The Title I program is designed to provide students with extra help in an effort to bring their academic skills to the high, challenging academic standard needed to be successful in school. Learn More

Special Education

Bear Creek Community Charter School offers every student with a disability education programs and services that appropriately meet the student's needs for educational, instructional, transitional and related services. A student who requires special education will receive programs and services according to an individualized education program (IEP). Learn More

Online Resources

Bear Creek Community Charter School provides students with a variety of online resources to supplement and support their daily classroom instruction. Learn More

National Junior Honor Society students following the annual Induction Ceremony.

Learning doesn't always take place in a traditional classroom.

Students learn about career options at Junior Achievement Biz Town.

Exploring the natural world in the woods around the school.

Learning deep underground at the Ashland Coal Mine.