Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Admissions Policy

The Board of Trustees of Bear Creek Community Charter School understands the importance of establishing fair and equitable criteria for student admission and shall fully comply with the Pennsylvania Charter School Law regarding admission policies and procedures, as well as all other applicable state and federal provisions. Bear Creek Community Charter School is a non-sectarian institution in all respects, and does not discriminate against any student, employee, or other person on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability, or any other criteria prohibited by law. An admission criterion does not consider intellectual or athletic ability, aptitude, disability, race, creed, national origin, religion, or ancestry. Learn More

Existing Students

Students currently attending Bear Creek Community Charter School will have the opportunity to re-enroll for the next school year by accurately completing and returning the required Student Re-Enrollment Form by the deadline provided. Students whose parents who fail to return an accurate Student Re-Enrollment Form by the posted deadline will not be guaranteed enrollment for the upcoming school year and will be required to participate in the pre-enrollment process with new students seeking admission to the school. Learn More

New Student Pre-Enrollment

Parents of new students interesting in enrolling at Bear Creek Community Charter School will be given the opportunity to participate in an annual Pre-Enrollment Process. The date pre-enrollment begins and ends will be determined by the school administration each year and will be posted in the school office as well as on the school's web site. Parents of students interested in enrolling in the school must complete and return an accurate Pre-Enrollment Form to the School's Main Office by the deadline provided by the school. Learn More

Parent Workshop

The Bear Creek Community Charter School will host at least one parent workshop to provide information regarding the school to new parents as well as finalize student enrollment. Attendance by at least one parent of each new student at a parent workshop shall be a mandatory component in the enrollment process. Students whose parents fail to participate in a parent workshop will not be guaranteed enrollment and will lose any preference in enrollment. Learn More


Deadlines associated with the annual enrollment process are identified each year and communicated through the School's web site. It is imperative that parents of existing students and parents who would like to enroll their children at Bear Creek Community Charter School be aware of these deadlines. Learn More

Students exploring the Shades Creek Watershed with staff of the Natural Lands Trust.

BMX assembly about making good choices. Daredevil cyclist jumps over charter school staff.

Rock climbing during Environmental Education Class.

Enjoying a short story with Trooper Piekanski.

A welcoming kindergarten classroom.