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Parent Resources

Bear Creek Community Charter School believes that parents play a critical role in the quality of their child's education, and as a result, we have an obligation to provide resources to support parents. This section of our web site provides parents with detailed, research-based help and ideas for busy parents to help their children succeed in school.

Free Parent Publications

The Pennsylvania State Parent Advisory Council offers parents free copies of various booklets from the Title I Parent Resource Center free of charge. All Bear Creek Community Charter School parents are eligible, since the School offers a school wide Title I program to all students. Parents may request a single copy of one or more (up to ten titles) of the booklets completely free of charge. Once you complete your form, you will need to have a Bear Creek Community Charter School administrator sign the form before mailing it to the Midwestern Intermediate Unit. Learn More

Parent Power

All children have the potential to succeed, and as parents, you are the bridge to this success. You as the parent, guardian or caregiver can help your child by connecting with his or her school to find out what's needed to ensure success and how you can help reach that goal. Studies of successful schools report that parent involvement is a major factor in their outcomes, including closing the achievement gap between various groups of students. Learn More

Countdown to School Success

A month-by-month guide filled with the advice, tools, and online resources you'll need to help your children have a school year packed with fun and learning. Learn More

Homework Tips for Parents

Homework has been a part of students' lives since the beginning of formal schooling in the United States. However, the practice has sometimes been accepted and other times rejected, both by educators and parents. This has happened because homework can have both positive and negative effects on children's learning and attitudes toward school. Learn More

Helping Your Child Become a Reader

Years of research show clearly that children are more likely to succeed in learning when their families actively support them. When you and other family members read with your children, help them with homework, talk with their teachers, and participate in school or other learning activities, you give your children a tremendous advantage. Learn More

Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics

We know from research that children are more likely to be successful learners of any subject when parents actively support their learning. Today, helping children to make the effort to learn, appreciate and master mathematics is more important than ever. Our increasingly technological world demands strong skills in mathematics, not only in the workforce but also in everyday life, and these demands will only increase over the lifetimes of our children. Learn More

Helping Your Child Through Early Adolescence

Learning as much as you can about the world of early adolescents is an important step towards helping your child through the fascinating, confusing and wonderful years from ages 10 through 14. Based on the latest research in adolescent development and learning, this booklet addresses questions, provides suggestions and tackles issues that parents of young teens generally find most challenging. Learn More

Bullying: What Parents Can Do About It

Bullying is a form of violence common among children. Bullying can be found in schools, neigh-borhoods, and homes throughout the United States. According to the Office of Juvenile Justice, bullying is frequently misunderstood by adults as an unavoid┬Čable part of growing up and, as a result, often occurs in the presence of adults who fail to do anything about it. Learn More

Communicating online has become a way of life, yet it comes with certain risks. Take time to talk to your children about communicating online. Learn More