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Parent Portal

Bear Creek Community Charter School is pleased to provide parents with web access to their child's current grades and attendance information. It is our hope that this access allows parents to be a more active partner in their child's education. The Parent Portal will allow parents to review your child's current grades and attendance, and will allow them to setup an automatic e-mail notification regarding their child's progress. Learn More

School Schedule & Calendar

The annual school calendar includes important information on holidays, staff in-service, half days and the end of each marking period. The calendar also has a specified number of make-up snow days built in. Learn More

Student/Parent Handbook

Each year, Bear Creek Community Charter School provides students and their parents with a copy of the Bear Creek Community Charter School Student/Parent Handbook. This handbook is intended to assist students and their families in learning about the organization and procedures of the school. Although it is more than just a list of rules and procedures, it is based on the principles contained in the Bear Creek Community Charter School's Mission Statement and Guiding Principles. Parents and student must sign the acknowledgment that is included in each Handbook and return the acknowledgment to the school each year. Learn More

Emergency Notification

Bear Creek Community Charter School has implemented the Parent Emergency Notification System to allow the School to quickly contact parents in the event of an emergency. The system allows the School to send emergency text messages to cell phones and/or e-mail addresses of parents and other interested parties. To receive text messages, your cell phone must have text messaging capabilities. Learn More

Subscribe to Email List

Subscribe to our e-mail list to receive announcements related to school events, activities and on topics of importance to our school. Learn More

Guidance Services

Bear Creek Community Charter School employs a full-time guidance counselor and provides a variety of guidance services to students and parents. Learn More

Food Service

Bear Creek Community Charter School participates in the National School Lunch Program, which is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Food & Nutrition. All menu items meet the United States Department of Agriculture's established nutrition standards for meals served in the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program called the School Meals Initiative for Healthy Children (SMI). Free & Reduced Priced Student Meals are available, depending upon family income. Learn More

Student Health Services

Healthy children learn better. We all know this on a common sense level, but scientific data backs it up. The Pennsylvania Public School Code provides that all children attending public, private, and parochial schools receive school health services. These services include medical and dental examinations and five different health screenings (growth, vision, hearing, scoliosis, and tuberculosis) at specified intervals; nursing services, including the treatment of acute and chronic conditions, first aid, and emergency care; medication administration; health counseling and health promotion; maintenance of student health records; and assessment for school immunizations. Learn More


Bear Creek Community Charter School does not provide transportation for students to and from school. As required by the Pennsylvania Charter School law, each local school district is responsible for the transportation of students residing in their district to and from Bear Creek Community Charter School on days when the charter school is in session. Learn More

Student Drop Off/Pick-up

Safety is the utmost concern of Bear Creek Community Charter School. To help ensure the safety of our students, parents and the general public during student arrival and dismissal times, we ask that parents adhere to the school's arrival and dismissal procedures. Learn More


Research supports that family involvement in a child's education is an extremely important factor in raising student self-esteem and academic achievement. The involvement of families at Bear Creek Community Charter School is one of the pillars on which the school was founded. Learn More

Parent Resources

Bear Creek Community Charter School believes that parents play a critical role in the quality of their child's education, and as a result, we have an obligation to provide resources to support parents. This section of our web site provides parents with detailed, research-based help and ideas for busy parents to help their children succeed in school. Learn More

Easy Fundraising

There are simple things parents and family members can do to support Bear Creek Community Charter School. Learn More

Homeless Youth

Bear Creek Community Charter School is committed to helping children and youth experiencing homelessness access all the benefits of attending school by removing barriers to a free and appropriate public education. Learn More

Charter School News

News and information on public charter school's in Pennsylvania. Learn More

Volunteer Program

Applying to be a parent volunteer is now easier than ever. To learn more about volunteering, including application and clearance requirements, log into your Parent Portal account. Learn More

Parents and students participate in Junior Achievement Biz Town.

Volunteers assisting with furniture setup at the new school.

Students enjoying the winter weather at the Ten Mile Run campus.

Getting ready for an awesome assembly.

Students visiting the Francis E. Walter Dam in Bear Creek Township.

EarthFest 2016.

Relaxing in the Commons in between classes.

Enjoying a cultural assembly.

The Gymnasium: Go Bruins!

Learning with a view!

Welcome to our school!