Saturday, July 13, 2024

Teacher Web Pages

Most Bear Creek Community Charter School staff member maintain class web pages, which provide parents and students with contact information, class assignments, and other classroom activities. Click on the appropriate staff member's name to learn more.


Kindergarten (KA) - Mrs. Harry

Kindergarten (KB) - Mrs. Richie

Second Grade (KC) - Mrs. Monaghan

First Grade (1A) - Ms. Mikielski

First Grade (1B) - Mrs. Moser

First Grade (1C) - Mrs. Lakkis

Second Grade (2A) - Ms. Yusko

Second Grade (2B) - Mrs. Woolnough

Second Grade (2C) - Miss Fasciana

Third Grade (3A) - Mrs. Novitski

Third Grade (3B) - Miss Stucker

Third Grade (3C) - Mrs. Newhart

Fourth Grade (4A) - Mrs. Zeigler

Fourth Grade (4B) - Mrs. Colaneri

Fourth Grade (4C) - Mrs. Petrini

Learning Support - Mrs. Hogan

Learning Support - Miss Selsavage

Learning Support - Miss Harrison

Learning Support - Mrs. Grega

Intermediate & Middle School

Fifth & Sixth Grade Science (5A) - Mrs. Barnes

Fifth & Sixth Grade Math (5B) - Ms. Davis

Fifth & Sixth Grade English/Language Arts (6A) - Mrs. Grohowski

Fifth & Sixth Grade Social Studies (6B) - Mrs. Harcarik

Seventh & Eighth Grade Math (7A) - Mr. Ruch

Seventh & Eighth Grade Science (7B) - Miss Kresge

Seventh & Eighth Grade English Language Arts (8A) - Mr. Judge

Seventh & Eighth Grade Social Studies (8B) - Mr. Barnes

Intermediate & Middle School Learning Support - Mrs. Argot

Intermediate & Middle School Learning Support - Mrs. Knorr

Intermediate & Middle School Learning Support - Mrs. C. Smith

Intermediate & Middle School Learning Support - Mrs. Henninger

Intermediate & Middle School Learning Support - Mrs. Aulisio


Math Specialist - Mrs. Smith

Reading Specialist - Mrs. Corcoran

English Language Development - Ms. Bennett

Gifted Instruction - Ms. Gusditis


STEM - Mr. Ide

Environmental Education - Ms. Hill

Health & Physical Education - Mr. Harcarik

Art - Mr. Whymark

Music - Mr. Nidoh

Social Studies - Mr. Ide


Guidance Counselor - Ms. Leo