Friday, December 1, 2023

National Junior Honor Society Application Procedures

In order to be considered for membership in the National Junior Honor Society, students must meet certain criteria. The first criterion is Scholarship, which is determined through the use of a Grade Point Average. Candidates must be in the second semester of 6th, 7th, or 8th grade and must have been enrolled at Bear Creek Community Charter School for a period of one semester. The minimum standard for Scholarship will be a cumulative average of 93% in core academic subjects, along with a passing grade in all subjects. In February of each school year, advisors will analyze grades and mail candidate paperwork, including an application, to students who meet the Scholarship criteria. Candidates will then be evaluated on Service, Character, Citizenship, and Leadership.

To assist the Faculty Council* in selecting members, students will complete a candidate form. This form will be available from the National Junior Honor Society Advisors or the School Office in the fall of each year. The first section involves Leadership positions. Students are asked to provide evidence of positions of responsibility held in school or community activities. They will then describe ways in which they demonstrate the quality of leadership on a daily basis.

Part two of the form involves Service activities. Students should be prepared to give examples of service projects done in school or their communities. Students must also explain why service is an essential part of our lives.

Part three deals with the aspect of Citizenship. Candidates must provide information regarding clubs, teams, and other organizations in which they participate. They should also include any accomplishments related to those organizations.

An explanation of Character is the final portion of the candidate form. Students must explain in detail how they demonstrate the qualities of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and honesty.

Before returning the completed form to the National Junior Honor Society advisors, the candidate must sign where indicated acknowledging they agree to abide by the standards and guidelines of the chapter if selected for membership. They must also obtain a parent/guardian signature acknowledging that the information on the form was reviewed, is true, accurate, and complete. Any forms not returned by the deadline will not be considered for membership.

*The Faculty Council shall consist of five voting faculty members appointed annually by the Chief Executive Officer.